Workplace Communication
Class: ENG/222
Student: Kiara Baisden
Instructor: Diane Agene
Due Date: May 15, 2017

To: All Employees
From: K. Baisden Communication Officer
Subject: Breakroom Rules and Cleaning Procedures
Date: 15 May 2017

Dear Employees,

The company has enforced a new set of requirements and standards for all employees in the breakroom area. On previous days the breakrooms have not been found in the proper condition or in decent order. There have been remained belongings inside of the refrigerator and messes have been left unattended without being cleaned. We want to remind and re-inform you that as your employer, we care about our employees and we want to ensure that you are given the best quality and provide you with a clean meal area to enjoy while on your breaks. We have come up with some simple Do's and Don'ts for your convenience: Do's please make sure all food is removed on a day to day basis from the refrigerator, please put all left over trash in the provided trashcans, Please help out by reminding others to cooperate with the new rules, Please report any spills to cleaning staff immediately to avoid slips and any further accidents. Don'ts please do not argue with other employees who are not following the rules, Please do not leave any food in the fridge after shift change or overnight, Please call a member of the cleaning and sanitation department so that overflowed trashcans can be removed. There has been a meeting scheduled with our cleaning staff and personnel to begin disposing of all overnight left foods, every morning starting Monday 23 rd , 2017. Failure to participate in cleanliness practices and follow all rules can result in a disciplinary referral and/ or permanent termination. Please help by providing a safe and clean work environment for everyone. On behalf of me and management we appreciate and value you as an employer and helping out with such a matter as this.
Respectfully yours,
Kiara M. Baisden
Kiara M. Baisden Chief Communication Officer