Writing: Comparison ­Contrast Essay

Anne Frank: An Unfinished Story and the movie The Attic:

The Hiding of Anne Frank both tell the story of a jewish girl

who is forced to hide from the Nazi soldiers during World

War II in the 1940’s. They both tell the same story, but

there are differences between the movie and the text. For

example, the movie is not 100% focused on Anne, it also

focused on her parents and friends and how they solve

problems. Literally, Anne is only shown in 20% of the

movie, mostly it is her mom that is starred. I am going to

compare this movie and the text

There are huge differences between the movie and the

exhibition. First of all, the dates, the movie was made in

1988 while the exhibition was probably created in the 20th

century. Second, the names, the movie is called „The Attic:

The Hiding of Anne Frank“ and the exhibition is called

„Anne Frank: An Unfinished Story“. Lets talk media, the

exhibition is more of a informative presentation witch

pictures, animations and text while the movie is what the

name says, a movie with moving pictures and talking and

moving characters. The movie is much longer than the

presentation, it is 1:30 hours long while the presentation

takes only about 35 minutes to finish. The movie is rather

dark (not very bright), which is appropriate for this movie,

the presentation is more colorful and lively.

Now lets get to the plot. As pointed out above, Anne is not

often seen in the movie, only 1/5 of the movie is starring

her. The presentation however focuses almost 100% on

Anne, it tells you her life, shows pictures and her diary

entries. The movie never shows any diary entry or text

written by Anne while the exhibition focuses the most on

that. The movie doesn’t deal with any Internal Conflicts, the

exhibition does however, often Anne asks herself questions

and reflects them. There aren’t many External Conflicts in

both the movie and in the presentation (there are, but we

are focusing on Anne), especially the exhibition doesn’t

deal with any kind of external conflict, the movie does

sometimes, but not often giving the limited time Anne being

seen. The exhibition has a late exposition, the characters

are introduced when the story has already begun („on the

way“ so to say). The movie shows us all of the characters

at the start except Anne, she is introduced much later when

the hiding starts. The movie has a definite climax, it is when

the Nazis capture the Jews (Anne, her sister, her dad and

others), the exhibition does so too obviously since it still is

the same story. The exhibition ends with a text that tells the

reader when Anne died and how, the movie transmits us

this with a letter by the Nazis or friends (not identifiable)

that says that she died in the concentration camp.

The similarities of the movie and the exhibition are few.

Obviously they both talk about Anne Frank and her life,

hey both don’t talk tell us much about World War 2 and

don’t talk about the concentration camps and what had

happened there. Annes sister is rarely mentioned, even in

the presentation, they both talk about Annes mother being

in love and lastly they both let us know how life was in the

Attic (hiding)

The target audience of both are mostly teenagers, students

or just people interested in World War 2. The message of

the movie and exhibition is that asking yourself questions

and thinking about yourself is important. Also not to stop

hoping in better times like Anne did as she was in


Over all, I think the movie was better and more informative

about Annes parents and everything surrounding her

while the presentation was brilliant if you want to learn

more about Anne herself and not too much about what

happened around her.