Lionel Johnson
Final Project

Being a direct descendant of United States citizens who had to endure racial discrimination, prejudice and segregation, the September 11, 2001 attacks enabled me to socially connect with the Arab and Persian people of the United States of America. Prior to 9/11, I was a teen and didn?t notice the social prejudices being practiced other than the prejudices that I had been exposed to. To actually witness the unwarranted persecution that the Arab and Persian population had to weather reminded me of the status quo that America?s Black population had undergone for years. By popular con census, there was no way to differentiate ?Muslim? from ?Arab? from ?terrorist?, or even Persian from Arab. I have also been ?judged by the color of my skin, and not the content of my character?. The stereotypes of Blacks as vagrants, robbers, murders and thugs correlates with the stereotypes of Muslims, Arabs and Persians as ?terrorists?. This is something that helped me relate to others who were of different ethnic and racial groups from that of my own.
The Native Americans were the original descendants of America and their people were cast aside due to genocide. The government enact laws that made it possible for European settlers to do away with Native American people to build on their land. Because of this, I sought out research on my own and found that as far as my own ethnic, the African presence in the Americas existed at least one thousand years before Christopher Columbus reached the eastern shores. The Olmec tribes were the one of the founding tribes of Central America people such as those from the Mayan culture and the people derived from countries within the continent of Africa. The features of the Olmec statutes were that of black men and women, full lips and wide noses, etc. World renowned archaeologist Michael Coe, researched the history of ancient Mayan civilizations and found a statue of a negroid in California. This was astonishing information seeing as how the word, ?negroid? comes from the root word, negro, meaning black. I have also learned that people of the GLBT community relate more to those of color such as myself because they see the prejudice against them for their lifestyles and behaviors is just the same as that against me for the color of my skin.
Immigration is shaping the trends in America through integration and assimilation among the races and ethnic groups. The more people lose their prejudices and come to socially interact with others whom are different from them, hopefully by the year 2050, the world will consist of a human race rather than a sub cultural race. The United States face challenges of political meltdown. This is because yes the stats are united but the people of the states are all not. Due to the diversity of its people America has had to change laws and their ways of doing things in order to make others feel welcome to the freedoms that the country spells out in its constitution. One particular change came about with the America Disability Act, its an act that grants those who live with disabilities the equal opportunity to seek employment as those who are not disabled. It makes it to where employers will have to make the necessary changes to benefits those who are disabled to perform the same duties are those who are not. This is just one change of accepting diversity among one group of people in America. Another came during the Civil rights Movement, with the case of Brown Vs. Board of Education, it granted the right for black people to attend the same educational institutions as those who were white. The integration among both races made it to where blacks could get a fair chance of the same education as whites and in some cases opened up doors for many to interact with each other. Although the transition was met with some trials, the diverse climate provided a way for us all to be culturally pluralistic with one a another.
The media has contributed overtime to downplaying one group form another. The group who is of a high poverty level is considered to be the minority although in some cases the percentage in one place is sometimes the majority. The stereotypes that have been depicted has shown black as being gang members, aggressive, and loud.