Zian Khan
PSC 10100
Spring 2017
Assignment 2 - Obama's Legacy

Topic of Essay: the president's use of executive power; use of regulations to institute reforms
Obama as the Regulator-in Chief
When Obama first came into office he was NOT enthusiastic about the use of regulations as a method of instituting reforms. What changed his mind?
What is the basis of the president's regulatory power in the Constitution?
What did Obama accomplish using his regulatory power? What did he fail to accomplish?
What is your assessment of the president's legacy on the use of executive orders?
Is his legacy safe from his successor? (In other words, will it be relatively easy for the Trump administration to repeal Obama's regulatory reforms?)

Background information on Obama before presidency and how he became president
background information on Obama's campaign promises that attracted voters
What was society like during the time he ran for president? What conflicts was society facing? How did these problems influence his campaign promises?

Answer all the questions required
Give specific details when answering questions
(Body paragraphs should be at least 1 paragraph for each question)

Briefly restate his major accomplishments
Describe Obama's legacy; what did he do that was influential for America? Benefits he brought? How did he hurt America? Which was greater, benefits or suffrage?