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The Hollow Men Eliot starts his poem The Hollow Men with a quote from Joseph Conrad?s novel the Heart of Darkness. The line Mistah Kurtz-he dead refers to a Mr. Kurtz who was a European trader who had gone in the the heart of darkness by traveling into the central African jungle, with European standards of life and conduct. Because he has no moral or spiritual strength to sustain him, he was soon turned into a barbarian. He differs, however, from Eliot?s hollow men as he is not paralyzed
Madame Bovary - Symmetry Symmetry of Narrative in Flaubert?s Madame Bovary Over the span of the XIX century, Europe?s socioeconomic and political reality was transformed by unprecedented changes in technological development. Urbanization and the emergence of the middle class redefined the social stratification of most European countries. These dramatic changes did not go unnoticed in art, and particularly in literature. The idealistic individualism of the romantic era gave way to a movement refe
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Symbolism In this essay, I will be examining some of the symbols in Samuel Taylor Coleridge?s poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Symbols were very important in this poem. Without the symbols, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner would be simply a poem about an old mariner who is telling a story about killing a bird to a guest at a wedding. Of course, anyone who reads the poem can see that there is more to it than just a simple telling of a story. The first symbol
Patterns - Symbolism Symbolism in Patterns by Amy Lowell Breaking the Patterned Mold When one hears the words, I sink on a seat in the shade, they will most likely form a visual image in their head, such as a person sitting under a tree. Amy Lowell, an imagist, uses sharp images, precise wording, and figurative speech as a means of poetic expression to arouse the senses of the reader. In Patterns, Amy Lowell explores the hopeful liberty of women in the early 20th century through a central theme.
Battle Royal - Symbolism Ralph Ellison?s short story, Battle Royal , is symbolic in many different ways. In one way it is symbolic of the African Americans? struggle for equality throughout our nation?s history. The various hardships that the narrator must endure, in his quest to deliver his speech, are representative of the many hardships that the blacks went through in their fight for equality. The narrator in Ellison?s short story suffers much. He is considered to be one of the brighter youth
The Echoing Green - Symbolism From dancing daffodils to a wandering breeze, poets use many different literary tools to help express their thoughts. The dictionary defines symbolism as the representation of things by means of a symbol. Imagery, also a type of symbol, can be defined as mental images or figures of speech. These include vivid descriptions, which convey poetic images. Authors like William Blake feel that the use of symbolism and imagery assist in bringing their works of art to life.
Human Rights I agree that human rights do not lend themselves to neat formulae. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) aims at guarding the interest of people residing in different countries. However, the political and cultural environment of a country would shape these rights. Some of the rights the essay would be discussing are the equality of the sexes, right to freedom of speech and education. Contrary to the West, women in Asia are often exploited and deprived of their rights in
Lady Lazarus Death is one of the major themes of Sylvia Plath's poetry. Many of her poems are elaborate explorations of the concept of death. It was also one of her major preoccupations, as can be seen from the documentation of her life. She attempted suicide at various intervals throughout her life. However, the events in her life were not entirely responsible for each of her three attempts and eventual death. To the outsider her life seemed perfect but over the course of time she had numerous
White Fang Sybolism in White Fang Classic - a word misunderstood by many people around the world, mostly those of a younger generation. It is surprising how many people believe that the word classic means old or boring . This is just not the case. In actual fact, the label classic given to books means of the highest quality, or of enduring interest and value. Books with this label are the best there is. Every word is carefully thought out and made interesting for the reader. Symbolism, meaning a
Snow Falling on Cedars Snow Falling On Cedars Vs. Stranger In The Kingdom When I first read Howard Frank Mosher?s novel Stranger In The Kingdom I was astonished that something like that took place in Vermont. I have always been under the misconception that racism isn?t extremely prevalent in our local culture today. Once again my white American?s views were challenged when I read Snow Falling On Cedars, by David Guterson. The two books seem to me to be exactly the same story, only they occur abo
Stranger In The Kingdom Snow Falling On Cedars Vs. Stranger In The Kingdom When I first read Howard Frank Mosher?s novel Stranger In The Kingdom I was astonished that something like that took place in Vermont. I have always been under the misconception that racism isn?t extremely prevalent in our local culture today. Once again my white American?s views were challenged when I read Snow Falling On Cedars, by David Guterson. The two books seem to me to be exactly the same story, only they occur ab
Foreign Policy With the world balancing on the edge of destruction, foreign relationships areextremely important to the United States of America. The United States is fullyrecognized as the most powerful nation on the planet earth, and with that power comes adefinitive sense of responsibility. The U.S. needs to pay close attention to thisresponsibility if it hopes to keep its place on the throne as king of the nations. This iswhere the United States foreign policy comes into play. Foreign policy
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God The passages given from the Edwards? Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God and the opening sentence of the Declaration both include many points such as the tone, diction, and syntax. The points shown throughout each sentence aims for the intent of obtaining the attention of the audience. The way each sentence is arranged with its own syntax can very well appeal to listeners, depending on its structure and imagery. Within the given sentence excerpt from Edwards
Siddhartha AP/Honors Book note for Siddhartha Authorial Background *Herman Hesse was born in the Black Forest town of Calw, Germany in 1877. *Herman was the son and grandson of Protestant missionaries who had served in India. *He was expected to follow in their footsteps by preparing for the ministry. *He tried, but experienced a religious crisis, fled the seminary and attempted suicide. *Hesse's first major novels displayed some major themes that were to absorb him throughout his career -1st Th
A Shropshire Lad Shropshire: A Place of Imagined Sexual Contentment Published in 1869, A.E. Housman?s A Shropshire Lad stands as one of the most socially acclaimed collections of English poetry from the Victorian age. This period in British history, however, proves, by judiciary focus (the Criminal Law Amendment of 1885), to be conflictive with Housman?s own internal conflicts concerning the homoerotic tendencies which he discovered in his admiration of fellow Oxford student Moses Jackson. Housm
Shawshank Redemption The Shawshank Redemption is a feature film concerned with the repression of individuals within an institution- a prison in this case. It is concerned with routine, forced conformity, power abuse and the struggle of hope to exist in such a lifeless world.Characteristic of this feel good genre film, the good guys, Andy Dufrense, and the bad guys, the warden and his guards are also constructed. The viewers response to the above elements are shaped by the use of film langu
The Congress of Vienna The Congress of Vienna was an international peace conference for the countries of Europe. The goals of the Congress of Vienna were to have peace throughout Europe and have no wars or fights. The Congress was formed because there had been many wars in the past. The Congress of Vienna was made mostly of conservatives, but had some liberals as well. Some of the influential leaders were Czar Alexander I of Russia, King Frederick William III of Prussia, Lord Castlereagh who was
The Scarlet Letter - Chapter Summaries Chapter 1: Hester Prynne has committed adultery. Two years ago her husband in Europe sent her on ahead to America while he settled some business affairs. Alone in the small town of Boston, Hester has shocked and angered her neighbors by secretly taking a lover and bringing forth a girl child. The Puritans of Boston are shocked that she has done this thing. They are angry because she will not reveal the name of the father of the child. Although the usual pen
The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne's background influenced him to write the bold novel The Scarlet Letter. One important influence on the story is money. Hawthorne had never made much money as an author and the birth of his first daughter added to the money problems. He received a job at the Salem Custom House only to lose it three years later and be forced to write again to support his family. The Scarlet Letter was published a year later, because of him being an author again. It was only i
The Scarlet Letter The Scarlet Letter - Puritan Society- In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, life is centered around a rigid Puritan society in which one is unable to divulge his or her innermost thoughts and secrets. Every human being needs the opportunity to express how he or she truly feels, otherwise the emotions are bottled up until they become volatile. Unfortunately, Puritan society did not permit this kind of expression, thus characters had to seek alternate means to relieve the
The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne's background influenced him to write the bold novel The Scarlet Letter. One important influence on the story is money. Hawthorne had never made much money as an author and the birth of his first daughter added to the financial burden (Biographical Note VII). He received a job at the Salem Custom House only to lose it three years later and be forced to write again to support his family (IX). Consequently, The Scarlet Letter was published a year later (IX).
Civics Questions 1. How is government authority in the United States limited? Give one example. The government can not interfere with those rights granted to the people through the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court is there to protect our individual rights and freedoms. 2.What is the difference between absolute rights and relative rights? No person has an absolute freedom of speach; they are not free to say whatever they like. We do have a relative freedom of speech though,
Rude Strength [T]he bleding continued a while til it migt be sene with avisement. And this was so plenteous to my sight that methowte, if it had be so in kind and in substance for that tyme, it should have made the bed al on blode and a passid over aboute.1 This passage, which I affectionately refer to as the bloodbath scene, is from Julian of Norwich's description of Christ's bleeding during the Crucifixion as it was revealed to her in the Fourth Showing. While none of her renderings in A Rev
Rose Schneiderman and the Triangle Fire A Review of the Essay Rose Schneiderman and the Triangle Fire Reported by Leslie Regina Goodson The American History Illustrated, published in July of 1981, featured an essay by Bonnie Mitelman. The essay expounds on the tragedy of a horrific fire at the Triangle Waist Company on March 25, 1911 and the impetus it had on a union activist, Rose Schneiderman. Ms. Mitelman emphasizes the altering change such a tragedy can have on an individual, a small commu
Anarchy Anarchy, coming from the greek term meaning without government, is the political theory that society does not need a government to run the country or any governmental fundings (although robbing them of what they robbed us wouldn't hurt). Many people believe that anarchy is a horrible and impossible way of living, stating that anarchism would leave us vulnerable to criminals and terrorists. This may be because of the terroristic methods that anarchists have taken to reach their ultimat
Summary of President John F. Kennedy?s Inaugural Address This inaugural speech establishes what John F. Kennedy?s vision is for the United States--actually it is more of a world vision--of global unity, supporting freedom and human rights for all humankind. He suggests that we should all celebrate in this time of freedom. Man holds all of the power in his hands. Yet, there are still revolutionary beliefs being fought around the world. He does not want us to forget that we are all apart of this r
Robert Frost Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; (Frost 638) In this excerpt of the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, it appears to be some nut case that is pondering over a decision that should only take half a second to decide. However, it is actually a question more complex than, What road should we take . What he is really asking
The Scarlet Letter - Analysis Adultery, betrayal, promiscuity, deception, and conspiracy, all of which would make an excellent coming attraction on the Hollywood scene and probably a rather erotic book. Add Puritan ideals and writing styles, making it long, drawn out, sleep inducing, tedious, dim-witted, and the end result is The Scarlet Letter. Despite all these unfavorable factors it is considered a classic and was a statement of the era (Letter 1). The Scarlet Letter is pervaded with profound
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place RESPONSE TO A CLEAN WELL-LIGHTED PLACE The old man, who we will call the Gentleman, -- to keep the confusion minimal between the old man and the old waiter -- in A Clean Well-Lighted Place cannot be happy without his wife. The two waiters represent the Gentleman?s battle of his inner consciousness. The waiters portray the demons of the Gentleman?s personal heaven and hell. We recognize this by Hemingway?s use of characterization. Hemingway never identifies a particula
Remains of the Day Kazuo Ishiguro?s Remains of the Day gives an eloquent treatment of the issue of how a stoic English butler?s unemotional reaction to the emotional world around him is damaging and painful, and how he resolves to make the best of the remains of the day ?the remainder of his life. Ishiguro explores some of the differences between the old English Victorian culture?that of the stiff upper lip, no show of emotion, and repression of personal opinion?and the no-holds-barred American
Death Penalty Good Afternoon, I am honored to be here, and I thank you for having me. Today I would like to speak to you about a very controversial issue- capital punishment. What do those two words mean to you? To most people they mean a murder victims family receiving justice for their deceased. Let me see a show of hands. How many people in the audience believe in the death penalty? I conducted a weeklong survey of two hundred people of all ages. The purpose was to see how many people believ
Pride And Prejudice Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, set in Nineteenth century England, is a novel about marriage. Austen's feminine writing and weaved storyline creates a novel which can be interesting to read and which women especially enjoy. The novel has a strong theme of marriage as a mother (Mrs. Bennet) desperately trying to marry her daughters off. She didn't care about the quality of the men her daughters were marrying, but was satisfied just as long as they found
Pragmatics Deixis and Conversational Implicature 1.1 The concept of deictic centre Deixis deals with the words and expressions whose reference relies entirely on the circumstances of the utterance. For that reason these special expressions and their meaning in discourse can only be understood in light of these circumstances. The term deictic centre underlines that the deictic term has to relate to the situation exactly at the point where the utterance is made or the text is written. One could ev
Langston Hughes Poetry in Motion - Langston Hughes Langston Hughes was a poet that lived from 1902-1967. He was a very distinguished poet of the Harlem Renaissance, the great out pouring of african-american art. The poetry of Langston Huges is very different, yet it held the reader's attention. As a poet, he defines his role as a poet. Hughes has a very unconventional style, subjectcontent, and language, though he gives his intended messages in the same way as the poets of the past have done. La
The Piano Lesson In the drama, The Piano Lesson by August Wilson written in 1945, it showed the difficulties in releasing the past and moving forward in one's life. It also centered on the conflicts between brother and sister over differences in values and beliefs. For example, the brother, Boy Willie, wanted to sell the family piano so he can buy his own land to farm and start a new life for himself. However, he was confronted by his sister, Berniece, who did not want to sell the piano due to
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost- Speech of Belial Here is the speech, rewritten in modern prose (lines 108- 225): On the other side of the hall, Belial stood up. He was a graceful and fair person and was high in dignity. He was an incredible rhetorician by and could sway the minds of people through his speech. I agree with you, Moloch, and I hate the beings of heaven, also. If we do go to battle, we must realize that there are many problems. The towers of heaven are guarded with armed watch and the
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost: The Debate in Hell.books 1-2 The debate starts with Satan speaking and flattering the Devils and saying Powers and dominions . He talks about how someone will have to take charge and lead the group to victory, and to do this they will need someone who can take pain, stress and strife. He addresses the idea of getting back into Heaven, and the ways to do this, whether they should attack and have a war or they should be devious and regain the kingdom that way. Satan al
The Invisible Man Ralph Ellison?s Invisible Man depicts a realistic society where white people act as if black people are less than human. Ellison uses papers and letters to show the narrator?s poor position in this society. Many papers seem to show good fortune for the narrator, but only provide false dreams. The narrator?s prize of a brief case containing his scholarship first illustrates this falsehood: take this prize and keep it well. Consider it a badge of office. Prize it. Keep developing
Out, Out Out, Out- Out, Out-- by Robert Frost is a poem about a young boy who dies as a result of cutting his hand using a saw. In order to give the reader a clear picture of this bizarre scenario, Frost utilizes imagery, personification, blank verse, and variation in sentence length to display various feelings and perceptions throughout the poem. Frost also makes a reference to Macbeth's speech in the play by Shakespear called Macbeth which is somewhat parallel to the occurrences in Out, O
Our Grandmothers If Othello didn?t begin as a play about race, history has made it one. The Venetian society that Othello is set in is representative of the writers context. The attitudes and values that Shakespeare reveals through the text are those same attitudes and values of Elizabethan society in England in the sixteenth-century. Although Othello is set in Venice and Cyprus, the attitudes and values shared in the text are probably reflective of the attitudes and values of Shakespeare's own
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Ernest Hemingway once wrote, A man can be destroyed but not defeated. There is indeed much to be said for this statement, as it can be taken to mean many things. Initial impressions are that Hemingway is speaking of personal honour, and how no man can have his honour taken away from him forcefully. No matter how great the suffering, or how undignified the death, the very nature of honour is that it is something that can only be lost through fault of the man. Hen
Oedipus The King - Compared to Things Fall Apart Oedipus the King and Things Fall Apart The poem Oedipus the King and the novel Things Fall Apart, there is some differences between these two stories. These two stories were very famous in the ancient time. Things Fall Apart has won the following awards: Nigerian National Trophy, Commonwealth Poetry Prize, Nigerian National Merit Award. Things Fall Apart and Related Readings becomes a complete literature unit with the Teacher's Source Book
Ode to the West Wind Theme :- Inspiration in Ode to the West Wind When composition begins, inspiration is already on the decline - P. B. Shelley Shelley deals with the theme of inspiration in much of his work. However it is particularly apparent in ?Ode to the West Wind? where the wind is the source of his creativity. The cycles of death and rebirth are examined in an historical context with reference to The Bible. The word inspiration has several connotations that Shelley uses in this ?Ode?. In
Obasan OBASAN - Opus I want to break loose from the heavy identity?I am tired of living between deaths and funerals, weighted with decorum, unable to shout or sing or dance, unable to scream or swear, unable to laugh, unable to breathe out loud. (102). In Joy Kogawa's Obasan. Naomi, a young female of Japanese decent is forced to adapt and grow into the Canadian society. She is faced with great pressures because of the events of WWII and the internment of Japanese Canadians. Her childhood is co
Freedom in the United States No other democratic society in the world permits personal freedoms to the degree of the United States of America. Within the last sixty years, American courts, especially the Supreme Court, have developed a set of legal doctrines that thoroughly protect all forms of the freedom of expression. When it comes to evaluating the degree to which we take advantage of the opportunity to express our opinions, some members of society may be guilty of violating the bounds of th
The Open Boat There are more characters than just the captain, the correspondent, the oiler and the cook in Stephen Crane's The Open Boat. There is a fifth character: nature. Nature can be seen as the main character in the story as it is constantly affecting the four men in the boat and is ever-present throughout their ordeal. Many different views of nature are expressed in this work: nature as the causal agent of the entire trial, as being personified in it's action and as being indifferent to
My Last Duchess In Browning?s My Last Duchess, it appears that the Duke would have had the Duchess attend only to him. The Duchess is portrayed as someone that is easily pleased. In the passages: twas not Her husband's presence only, called that spot Of joy into the Duchess' cheek She had A heart -- how shall I say? -- too soon made glad, Too easily impressed; she liked whate'er She looked on, and her looks went everywhere. Browning conveys to us that the Duchess could be easily impressed. Throu
My Fair Lady In the opening scene of the play/musical we meet all of the main characters, Professor Henry Higgins, Eliza Doolittle, and Colonel Pickering. It is also here that they are each introduced to one another. After an evening at the opera, the members of high society begin spilling out onto streets of London, mingling with the commoners. Professor Higgins hear, Eliza, the flower girl, speaking and begins to take notes. Eliza finds this behavior suspicious and thinks that she is in some s
My Darling Clementine In the 1940?s, protagonists and antagonists were easily distinguished in America?s Western-style films. However in John Ford?s film, My Darling Clementine , which depicts the famous story of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday?s character is portrayed as an elusive, somewhat ineffective man. Not until one of the final scenes does the viewer have confirmed that Holliday is actually a fair and just man. He then becomes a member of the protagonists with the Earp brothers, although remain
Huckleberry Finn - Critical Essay The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the noblest, greatest, and most adventuresome novel in the world. Mark Twain definitely has a style of his own that depicts a realism in the novel about the society back in antebellum America. Mark Twain definitely characterizes the protagonist, the intelligent and sympathetic Huckleberry Finn, by the direct candid manner of writing as though through the actual voice of Huck. Every word, thought, and speech by Huck is so pre